International justice, victims’ social needs and economic assistance – Sharon Nakandha

Sharon Nakandha, from Uganda, is an Aryeh Neier Fellow with the Open Society Justice Initiative focusing on international justice.

She particularly works on researching and assessing developments in this field, trial monitoring, and liaising with other NGOs working on international justice issues at national and international level.

In this interview with Thinking Africa, she stresses the importance of victims’ social needs and economic assistance within the justice processes.

Some verbatims from the interview.

On the challenge they face :

The main challenge that we face is to find ways to involve victims (in justice processes) and make sure that what they feel and what they want is actually reflected in policy documents that we are developing.

On the need for victims’ assistance :

Many victims love the idea of the ICC (International Court System), they are willing to support it and they are also willing to support national processes for accountability, but their major need right now is assistance. We have to address their actual physical needs and give them psycho-social support as well.

On the lack of citizen’s trust in international justice processes :

The lack of citizen’s trust in the international justice processes is related to the failure of national judicial processes.