Medias, advocacy & Justice – Rosemary Tollo

Rosemary Tollo is the founder and Programme Director of Journalists for Justice, a civil society organisation that supports media practitioners in eastern Africa to engage with issues relating to accountability for serious crimes under international law.

Rosemary has over 10 years’ experience in communications and previously served as the Coordinator of the Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice, which became the most influential civil society response to the post-election violence experienced in Kenya in 2007/8. Previously, she worked as an editor, at The Standard, one of the largest daily newspapers in Kenya.

Her message is this:
“At the end of day, victims are looking for justice. Until we get a domestic court that works, ICC (International Criminal Court) is the solution for now… If our national domestic mechanisms were strong, there would be no need to go to the ICC. ”