Land issues, neocolonization and the similarities between Brazil and Africa | Augusto Juncal

Augusto Juncal est un militant originaire de la province de Sao Paolo au Brésil. Il est membre du MST (Mouvement des sans Terre).

Dans cet entretien, en anglais, réalisé en septembre 2016, avec Thinking Africa, Augusto Juncal nous fait part de son expérience et de son regard sur la question de la terre, l’organisation des populations et la justice sociale, au Brésil et en Afrique.

Quelques verbatims, en anglais, extraits de l’entretien.

On the objectives of Landless People’s Movement (MST)

We started occupying land in Brazil since the 1970s and we were officially created as a movement (The MST in portuguese or Landless People’s Movement) in 1984. The MST was created for 3 main objectives : Access and conquer the land ; Fight for the agrarian reform in Brazil ; Transform the brazilian society. The ultimate goal is to build a socialist regim in Brazil.

On the similarities between Latin America and Africa

Latin America and Africa have been historically the most exploited continents by colonization. Now we are in a moment of a new colonization where transnational companies are taking over lands and natural ressources in both continents. African people and Latin american people are facing the same enemies.

On Brazil and Africa

Many people in Africa don’t know that Brazil is a black country in the sense that 50% of the population is afro-descendant. So we have a link with this continent. This link is racial, cultural, spiritual and it’s also oppression.