Zambia, Copper and the case for an African grounded education system | Kachingwe Singoyi

Kachingwe Singoyi is currently a member of the Socialist Party of Zambia.

In this video, he talks about resource exploitation, particularly copper, in his country. He explains how the government makes deals on the backs of the Zambian people.

Some verbatims, off the interview.

On the employment situation in the mining industry

Right now, the Zambian people don’t get the most from Copper in Zambia. Most of the people right now are not employed. The few that are employed are working in Chinese controlled mines with slave wages.

On Neocolonialism

Africa is living in abundance, yet it’s poverty striken. The explanation of that contradiction is that we don’t own the means of production. And our States are protecting the interests of western powers. And for that matter, colonization never left Africa. It only evolved in neocolonization.

On the education system

We got a system of education in Zambia which is colonial in nature. We have a lot of graduates in the streets of Lusaka today unemployed, because what they learn in the university of Zambia, they can’t be able to apply it in Zambia. We don’t produce quality graduates. We need an education system that is fine tuned with the african terrain so we can start producing graduates who can appreciate african terrain and can make something out of it.